Horse exhibitors must read!

Folks not following rules will be asked to leave if their horses are unsafe. Thanks.

1. No horse show clothes needed.  We will have professional horse  photographers wandering around so brush your horses and dress nice if you want nice shots of you and your horses.  You will need to pay the photographers directly for those shots.  This is a Play Day so come play with your horses.  

2. Stallions are more than welcome.  No children under 18 handling studs age yearling and up.

3. Horses that are not for sale are welcome to attend and use this as a warm up show. 

4. Participation releases will need to be signed in advance before attending this event.  Not our rules but for insurance folks.  I will have a page on this site for that release form which will need to be signed and returned with your entry blank and horse entry payment.

 5. No riding in the crowds.  Please walk your horses into the arena to mount and dismount for safety.   Drivers if you bring a harness horse, please bring a header as well for safety.

6. Kids under age 18 please wear helmets when mounted.

7. We will have a large enough arena for half to be warm up or for showing off horses and the other half for the play day and more fun.  See show schedule on this site.  I encourage folks to enter the play day classes even if they have green horses.  This isn't a real horse show but I do want activity going on in the arena at all times for the audience please.  

8. There is limited stalls available at this arena so be prepared to tie up your horses or have them out and about.  Folks can lead horses in the crowds if they do not have kickers.  If kickers please stay near the trailers and watch their back ends. 

 9  This is a private treaty horse sale.  You will need to pay the flat rate for your entry fee and it is up to you to sell your own horses.  There is no commissions paid to us if they sell.  You are encouraged to get them working in the arena 


and telling folks to watch them so you can sell them.  That is the whole point of this day, selling horses!  This is set up like an open house with 500+ people in the audience attending.  Count on being ready by 11 am to meet and greet people as they do come early.

10.  The last few years we had this event the audience has been huge so get a banner made and some business cards printed up to advertise yourself here please.  I recommend

Thanks for coming!  Margo, Event Manager,